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If we find traces of the family from 1246, and in that of the Musketeer of King D'Artagnan (born Charles de Batz), it is really towards the middle of the 19th century that the Gélas family links its destiny with that of Armagnac.

Guillaume Gélas, a cooper by trade, sold his business to his son Baptiste in 1865. Baptiste created the Maison Gélas and moved in.

In 1910, his son Louis took over the management of the company and acquired a property planted with vines in Manciet, Château de Martet, still in the family bosom. A public man, he held elected positions in his town and at departmental level.

After the Second World War, Pierre succeeded his father Louis and gave the family business an international dimension.

In 1950, he was the first Gers wine merchant to open his business to the trade of wines and various spirits: Les Caves de Baptiste was born!

He revolutionized his time by exclusively presenting Armagnacs from the Bas Armagnac and Ténarèze terroirs at their natural degree of ageing and without reduction. This unique selection of owners gives it a reputation on the greatest French and foreign tables.

Today, his son Philippe, representing the fourth generation of the Gélas family, has been running the company since the end of 2001. He perpetuates the innovative spirit of his forefathers by initiating single-varietal Armagnacs, thus affirming the difference of the House of Gélas: Armagnac Autrement ...

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