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The 19th and early 20th centuries represent the golden age of poets and novelists in Ireland but also the golden age of whiskey. At that time, Ireland was the world's leading whiskey producing country and the birthplace of some of the giants of classical literature including George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, Lady Gregory, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Bram Stoker. Many of these great authors took refuge in their local pub where they could find inspiration by observing the life around them while enjoying their favourite whiskey drama. Far from the authors enjoying their dram, the Irish whiskey barons rebelled against the appearance of Coffee Stills distillation which they perceived as inferior. Very protective of the traditions which had made their success possible, the blend whiskey was considered as above the others. Known as the "champagne of Irish whiskey", it is a blend of pot stills and malt whiskies, both distilled in copper stills. It was much appreciated by the great writers of the time, less for the inspiration it provided but more for its organoleptic qualities! Legend has it that writers appreciated it so much that they cried tears of whiskey. However, no one imagined at the time that this partnership between writing and whiskey would gradually disappear due to various technological changes, trade and war. Writer's Tears from the Walsh Whiskey distillery is an award winning whiskey, honouring the whiskeys of the 19th century. A unique expression, rooted in history, which expresses a philosophy "if you want to make a blend, do it right, with the best ingredients, just as our ancestors did".