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A few years ago the first rums from the Japanese archipelago arrived in France. Before them, Japanese whiskies opened a wide breach by winning numerous awards, leading to a revival of esteem among producers and even the creation of a small artisanal malt whisky distillery: Chichibu. It was while visiting the latter that Yoshiharu Takeuchi learnt how to distill for 3 days using small Scottish copper pot stills. His aim was to produce a new kind of Japanese rum. To meet this ambitious challenge, he favoured Japanese ingredients and paid particular attention to its water supply, the purity of which is essential for the production of quality drinks in the archipelago. As the best Japanese waters are found on the main island of Honshu, he obtained an agreement with the owner of a water source near Lake Biwa, the largest in the country. He recognises that the quality of the mineral water plays an extremely important role during the fermentation of the brown sugar and therefore influences the final quality of the rum after distillation. From a technical point of view, the manufacturing process is largely inspired by the standards of the Japanese whisky industry, recognising both the "divine" character of fermentation (we would say the "magic" of creating aromas) and the scientific nature of production, particularly distillation. The production philosophy is entirely Japanese, with a claimed artisanal character. The aim is to create a rum that embodies the ideas and creativity of its distiller. The demonstration of what the Japanese call monozukuri, the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship whose perfectionism is no longer to be demonstrated, to which Yoshiharu san's family has been very attached for several generations, when they were still producing parts for the automobile industry. He also started producing rum in order to demonstrate to consumers what the heart of monozukuri is!