List of products by brand Cadenhead's

The company was founded in 1842 by William Cadenhead on Netherkirkgate in Aberdeen. At the time, it was only a simple grocery store that also sold wine and whisky. She moved several times before settling permanently on The Royal Mile, Edinburgh's main artery. Pilgrimage is mandatory if you are passing through the Scottish capital or if you want to go back in time. Since its acquisition in 1972 by J & Mitchell (which also owns the Springbank and Glengyle distilleries), nothing has probably changed. At that time, and while Cadenhead - the oldest independent Scottish bottler in business - was one of the few to venture into the single malt market, the company was already marketing whiskies almost as they were in the barrel: without artificial colouring, without cold filtration and simply reduced to 46%. This is still the case today for the Small Batch and Single Cask Range and very often even more radical with many bottlenecks to a natural degree, whether in the Creations range or in the well named Single Cask Strength Range. You can find everything at Cadenhead and often only the best. Whether it is whisky or rum because the Scottish bottler prides itself on having a few very pretty rums in its incredible stock of eaux-de-vie.