List of products by brand Toucan

French Guiana is known by all for its unspoilt and wild nature, and its Maroni River, the gateway to the Amazonian forest. For lovers of cane brandy, this French land in the heart of South America, close to Brazil, also evokes Toucan rum. A well chosen name since this colourful and majestic bird is none other than its emblem. As for this agricultural rum, it likes to make the link between French Guiana and the metropolis. Indeed, if sugar cane cultivation and Toucan distillation are carried out in French Guiana, reduction, maceration and refining are carried out in Toulouse, in the heart of the southwest. Toucan can also boast of being produced in the nearest distillery to Ecuador in the world of rum and the only survivor of the cane brandy industry in French Guiana. Naturally, the warm, humid and very sunny Guyanese climate all year round is favourable for the cultivation of cane, which is always harvested by hand. Very rich in aromas, the pure juice of this cane, also called vesou, is fermented and then distilled in the Saint Maurice family rum factory located in Saint-Laurent du Maroni and managed by Ernest Prévot. It is this 70% rum that makes the trip to the Pink City where it is reduced with very pure water and put to rest before being bottled. In Toulouse, there is also talk of maceration and grand cru vanilla. The Toucan range includes three references: in addition to the white agricultural rum appreciated for the power of its fresh cane notes, there is a spiced rum called Boco and Vaniliane, a version flavoured with a vanilla bean.