List of products by brand Depaz

Depaz, the "rum with a mountain flavour", has two plantations on a volcanic soil for a total of 250 hectares of cane fields, one near Saint-Pierre and the other on the Atlantic slope of Montagne Pelée, more exposed to the rain. Two types of cane are grown here: the famous blue cane (60% of the production), perfectly adapted to this Martinique terroir, and cinnamon cane. The size of the volcanic soil gives a mineral power to the canes located on the skirt of the volcano which develops a soft and fruity bouquet with mineral notes. The rum comes out of it enriched with heavy esters which contribute to its elegance. It's that it is necessary to show that one is worthy of its terroir and above all of its history, which began in 1651, a decade after the island's first sugar plantation, an estate that was able to rise from its ashes after the dramatic eruption of 1902. A total of 20,000 tons of cane are needed for the annual production of 2,200,000 litres, 55% of the distillery. The cellar master is a woman, a rare occurrence in the spirits industry and a first in the history of AOC rum; Nora Carrion-Martinez, a chemical process and technology engineer trained in Cuba in the 1980s. As soon as she arrived in Martinique in 1990, she literally fell under the spell of agricultural rum and has now been working for the Depaz distillery for over twenty years. She clearly claims her feminine approach to rum to bring a new aesthetic to it. She is a great success, as the two brands she supervises, Depaz and Dillon, are receiving a veritable shower of awards: no less than eight medals out of twenty-five medals in the last Concours Général Agricole were awarded to AOC rums in 2016! Although Depaz mainly uses American and French casks for its ageing, it is currently experimenting with finishes using special casks.