List of products by brand A.1710

Located in the heart of the Habitation du Simon estate, in the commune of François, the A1710 distillery is the result of a long work of studies and research. Fascinated by his country and its know-how, Yves Assier de Pompignan, its founder, conceived this complex by being guided by the search for technical excellence as well as by the exploration of flavours and tastes. His objective is none other than to reveal the extraordinary and exclusive character of A1710 rums. Its distillery, the first to open after more than a century of successive closures, is also the symbol of a rebirth for Martinique. The A1710 brand and its logo are a reminder of the union between the hard work of the land, illustrated by the poisonous snake, which once wreaked havoc among the cane cutters, and the craftsmanship symbolised by the "A". Indeed, it all begins in the sugar cane plots around the Habitation of Simon. The organic sugar cane plot is planted within the estate. Because of the nature of the land and in order to preserve the quality of the canes, the cutting is done manually throughout the year, according to the needs of production, the weather and their maturity. The hand-cut canes are taken to the "Maison du Moulin", in the heart of the estate, where they are crushed by a three-roll mill, similar to those used since the 19th century.